I use the discovery call for both the Life coaching and energetic healing clients. This is a time for us to evaluate what will help the most. It can be life coaching, energetic healing or a combination of both.

You may want only one or the other and I will honor that, but you may decide on a package that includes both. This is simply a time for us to get to know one another and find out how we can work together. This is a conversation between us to explore options.

What can you expect during a discovery call?

We will discuss what you are looking for, what you expect and desired outcome of the coaching. What coaching is and is not. The different packages available and what would be best for you.

When you sign up for a discovery call your conformation email will include a link to an intake form. It is not required that you fill this form out or answer all the questions. It is just to give me some Information to help pave the way during our initial meeting.

During the call we will review the responses you entered on the Intake Form and the Coaching agreement/contract.

Schedule a Discovery Call

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