Welcome to February

2023 teaches us a deeper connection of trust and confidence. This year fear-based thoughts will no longer be an energetic barrier.

February is the second month of the year and derives name from februare which means “to purify”. February themes are loving yourself, soul calling, longing, sadness, listening to your own needs and remembering who you really are.

February’s keywords are community, unconditional love, competition, illusion, and hidden in plain sight. It is a month to complete projects or bring learning experiences full circle.

Collectively we will experience a longing for a better way of us all living together on this Earth and for solutions to our current global crisis. Sit with every aspect of your longing. Identify what it is that you long for. When it comes to the energy of longing, your heart directly affects your mind and your body, and this is because the heart is the meeting point through which so much of your energy system gets played out.  Your longing inspires you in your choices, decisions, and actions; identify your longing, feel into it, listen to it, think about it, talk to it, talk about it with friends and take time to understand it this month.  

Some guiding questions to explore this month are:

Are you looking with eyes to see true, or is the mind of wishful thinking blinding you from the truth?

How fully am I living my life?

If my heart could speak to me, what would it say?

How am I bringing my deep dreams into my daily life?

If there were no limitations in my life, what would I choose to do?


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